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Who We Are

Many companies in health insurance will tell you how different they are. How smart, special, and well-trained their leaders are. How unique their vision is and even how wonderful their purpose may be. Unfortunately, these taglines and profiles are all used up and we can all see where it has gotten us.

We have a lot in common

The ClearPoint Health team is just like you. We see the problem, feel the impacts, and simply want a sustainable solution that is fair and easy to understand.
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We understand the problem

We are a group of people who have witnessed the same recurring issues from multiple perspectives. We are a diverse group of business operators, clinical providers, and insurance experts who have put the market's best solutions into one platform.

We are past the breaking point

We believe small and mid-sized employers pay a disproportionate share of healthcare expenses compared to their larger employer counterparts. We have found a better way, and we simply want to share that with every employer. We created a platform that we would want our family and friends to use.
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The ClearPoint Health Platform gives you the information you need and allows you to take control and make your own choices.

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