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The benefit marketplace has changed, isn’t it time your benefit options do, too?

Join us and maximize your benefit buying power.

ClearPoint Health employers gain access to value previously unseen in the small to mid-size market.

You become part of a community with ClearPoint Health, enabling you to work with like-minded employers to stabilize your premiums and benefit when the claims spend is less than projections.

“Self-Funding your healthcare benefits may not be the solution for every employer in the country, but through ClearPoint Health’s Captive Platform, it is the right solution for employers more now than ever.”
One of the Nations Top 20 Broker Agencies

Do you want to know if ClearPoint Health is right for you?

Are you an employer with around 10-1,000 employees?
Are you tired of the continuous volatility of your health insurance rates at renewal?
Do you want to gain access to value previously unseen in the small to mid-size market?
Are you tired of your insurance carriers profiting from your unspent claim dollars?
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If you answered "yes" to these questions, set up a call with your benefit advisor and ClearPoint Health today!

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