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As our company name implies, we pride ourselves on making your insurance experience understandable and efficient. Please use the below shortcuts to navigate to what you need.

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You’re a progressive benefits advisor interested in discovering ClearPoint Health and evaluating a new partnership to save your clients’ money.
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You’re an employer who has been looking for a health benefit solution that is a market-leading blend of quality, experience, and sustainable affordability.
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You’re a provider organization that is ready to broaden your trusted relationships with local employers or seeking a better answer to your own healthcare benefit needs.
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Get to know us

ClearPoint Health is a health insurance platform built best for employers that have 10 to 1,000 employees (it’s ok if you’re a little smaller or larger).
We enable our members to organize their collective size to generate market-leading discounts on medical stop-loss insurance, as well as other tools and services.
We prioritize the advisor-employer relationship and support it with transparent analytics, reporting, and customizable education and collateral.

Why we began this mission

Small and mid-sized employers make up less than 40% of commercial carrier membership yet represent over 60% of commercial carrier profit margin.
We don't think that's fair, so we fixed it.

Health insurance has become the fastest growing expense for most employers.

Demand for employee talent requires competitive and attractive benefits.

Provider labor shortages combined with innovative medical procedures and therapies will continue to increase healthcare costs.

Although the problem is common, every employer's solution is different.

ClearPoint Health's Platform creates the financial security of a Fully-Insured product, the premium rebates of a Level-Funded product, and the customization of a Self-Funded product - all on one Platform.

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