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August 2, 2023

There are Captives and Then There's ClearPoint

Medical Stop-Loss (MSL) Captives are one of the fastest growing health insurance products being utilized by small and midsized employers in 2023. MSL Captives have grown from managing less than one percent of total MSL premiums in 2013 to close to ten percent in 2023.

The incredible growth in Captives is largely due to MSL Captives proving to be one of the most effective, transparent, and accessible insurance vehicles for enabling Fully-Insured and Level-Funded conversion to Self-Funding. Unfortunately, with employee benefit advisors’ growing interest and demand for Captives, we are seeing many programs enter the market that are not purpose-built for sustainability.

ClearPoint Health was built for one sole reason – to serve employers and provide the ultimate level of customer service, quality enhancement, cost containment, and customizable choice.
Below we have listed five objective attributes that differentiate ClearPoint Health from most any other Captive available in the market today:

1. Transparent Fees – Every dollar paid by the employer should be plainly and simply outlined, tracked, and explained.

ClearPoint Health details every fee, mark-up, and revenue generator built into the Captive and requires the same of all its service partners. Totally Transparent.

2. Maximal MSL Capacity – Captives sponsored by one Medical Stop-Loss Carrier limit market competition and optionality for members.

ClearPoint Health works with a multitude of Carriers enabling unique options for different employer needs. You Choose.

3. Real Cost Containment – A suite of reactionary-focused vendor solutions does not generate a differentiated nor sustainable cost containment strategy.

ClearPoint Health’s proprietary platform offers the same vendors in addition to direct partnerships with Clinical Providers and Pharmaceutical Companies. Sustainably Affordable.

4. Responsible Administrative Spending – Captives earn fees to create meaningful value for employees, not to sponsor parties, trips, and social events.

ClearPoint Health allows every Captive member to vote on the use of their fees for all events and services. Employer Governance.

5. Advisor Friendly – Captives should serve the complex needs of every Benefit Advisor that trust and places their client into the program, there should never be an expectation of exclusivity or production goals.

ClearPoint Health strives to serve and exceed every Advisor’s expectation while empowering them to be impartial trusted advisors. No Strings Attached.